miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014

Dreams in Turkey

One of the most frequent desires during some dates is: I wish your dreams come true. At last, this dream was fulfilled in our case. The first trip was heavenly. We got the best from our hosts and new friends. The Turkish people were able to merge with the Mediterranean and European spirit. Both the school and the visits were most significant to our experience.In that sense, best of all was to establish friendly relationship with different cultures. The first ties will endure for long
The landscapes of Cappadocia will be mixed in memory with the smile of a friend or a child. So our hearts will show a lasting smile.

The flight

The Turkish spirit

Tribute to Ataturk
All together
The Ankarapithecus
Peace time
Manel joining forces

Performing for a better world
The sound of peace
Our future
Ties with cultures
Silence in salt
 Thank you for everything, dear friends!! See you soon!

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