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The Peace day compositions

The peace between two kingdoms

Once upon a time there were two kingdoms in constant discussion. The first was reigned by fire, the second by ice.
The queens were sick of so much dispute, so that at night they met in the mixed forest and they talked to remedy the situation.
The next day, they announced the peace and serenity, but people did not accept it. The war began and did not stop.
Two years later, a fairy appeared and stopped the war. Since that day, peace and harmony were spreaded on both kingdoms.
Hermes, 4th grade (9 years)
Do you know what peace means?

You know what peace means? No, and you? Can you explain?

Of course. Peace means having empathy, not fight, live together and much more.

Thanks, now I know the meaning of it. So you and I live alone?Perfect! Then we will play on the swings. We have to prevent children from hitting and we have to make them all friends.

Share the moments with joy is the most important issue.

Tathiana, 3rd grade (8 years)

What is peace?

Peace is the happiness and the joy of our family and friends. We have to be together with them. We don't have to insult or quarrel and we have to help hopeless and penniless people. Peace is pure bliss.

The 30th of January was the Peace day here in Spain. It is a day to avoid being sad. We reject the fights and wars.

Mariona and Sofía 4th grade (9 years)

Non violence

Actions to prevent violence: no hitting, no insult, no bad things to discuss. For example, if there is a fight, it is better to talk and try to solve the root problem. The fact is that the people involved should understand that peace is the unique way to get the right way.

The first step is respect itself. Then, everything goes properly when there is a respectful environment.

Adrià, 3rd grade (8 years)

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