jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013


Today, we want to introduce you a very special tradition in our country called «La Castanyada» (the Chestnut celebration). It is a very typical festival celebrated since ancient times during autumn. Furhtermore, our children enjoy very much this particular celebration. The name Castanyada comes from this autumn fruit named castanya (chestnut). These small fruits are usually toasted in barrels prepared for the occasion. We wrap the chestnuts in newspapers for keeping the warmth and we usually enjoy them with friends and family. 

We also make “panellets”, a small sweet. They are awesome. The “panellets” are dressed with pine nut, almond, coconuts, fruits, chocolate or quince… Sweet potatoes are very common in our Castanyada diet. Indeed, we can say that two traditions are mixed these days (Halloween and La Castanyada). However, now we have the Comenius and it could be a mess, but nothing is further from the truth, you can check it out in these pics!!! Enjoy them! 
First steps for panellets

Panellets second stage

Our students preparing panellets

Our kids preparing Panellets

Halloween- Catanyada- Comenius wall with Peace wishes

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