martes, 5 de mayo de 2015

This is the second comenius year and here you have Poland!!!!!!

During this schooling year our school has been involved in different comenius activities. If we look over the tasks we did, we can check that we have done a large amount of them. Since September a picnic, different contests, an excellent play and lots of surpising moments happened merrily. Can we expect better situations for our students? The answer is no, and we feel very proud of them.

Moreover, our school has got its representation in Poland during April. They covered us up excellently and we felt at home and fully well attended. New ties had grown and then a new friendship grew up. Sometimes it seems difficult to find words, but we shared a common meaning, fondness and love, which is actually the important thing here.

We can summarize the whole trip as a day we have spent toguether, see some pics!!! :)

Some breakfast, please and some beet juice!! :)

Drawing a smile


Gathering effords

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